First Moscow ELT meet up. What it was like and why it should become a good tradition.

This is what I guess a lot of teachers dream about. This is what you need for professional development, inspiration and ideas. I’m speaking about a local community where you can meet with like-minded teachers and spend great time together with really useful outcomes of various sorts.

This is what happened here in Moscow due to the zeal and efforts of Masha Andrievich. There happened to gather a group of so versatile teachers, positive, open and ready to ask and share. We are so different: some with a lot of experience, some with little; some have qualifications and train teachers, some just plan to dive in certificates waters; those interested in CLIL and those who are professionals in academic stuff… The endlessly wonderful thing is that we all are seeking for inspiration from each other and are ready to learn something new in order to develop and teach better lessons.

The first (and we all agreed that it wasn’t the last) meet up of Moscow teachers contributed not only into our contact lists as now we know a lot of interesting people with whom we can work on innovative projects together. What’s more, we had some useful but short sessions. Unfortunately, we couldn’t listen to what Anna Loseva had to say about blogging due to technical reasons. Nevertheless, she posted a piece of information on the blogs worth reading with the ones I personally like so much. Thank you for mentioning mine as well, I got really proud and pleased!

Zhenya Bakin approached very consistently the topic of teaching writing. I keep wondering how he managed to communicate a lot of information in such an interactive and smooth way.

Olga Borodkina told us about existing teaching qualifications and her experience getting them that caused an animated discussion. Personally, I renewed my wish to move further in terms of collecting certificates. Can’t help it – I love this stuff)

In the end Masha Andrievich demonstrated her magic box and some life-saving tricks when you deal with kids. I must say it would help you to survive a lesson with kids without any prep)))

“Speed-dating” discussion crowned the meet up and if the time had allowed we would have been talking to each other for ages.

I guess, the aims of the meeting were achieved completely since we got to know really good people and colleagues, I believe, we all have got inspired by each other and learned something new. We all are looking forward to the next meeting and maybe there will be more people joining our great community. It is terrific to see your colleagues who never stop learning and developing their skills regardless the amount of experience and qualifications acquired.

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5 thoughts on “First Moscow ELT meet up. What it was like and why it should become a good tradition.

  1. Hi Kate!
    Fabulous idea! I was looking for something like that after E-Merging Forum 5, where I could contribute and share, and where undoubtedly I could “steal” something from other teachers. Next time I’ll be happy to participate too 🙂 Thank you!

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