Why I shouldn’t feel guilty for not reading your blogs

There is an idea that instead of writing a usual some-pages-post considering an issue from different angles, it is worthwhile to write a paragraph. One of my students, who happens to be an artist, told me once that an unfinished picture is not dead.
The idea of this very paragraph came from Anna Loseva, who is now sitting opposite me in a cafe. So, it’s phonelivebloggingparty!

As you might have noticed I haven’t been very active for about a month or two. In fact, not active it all. It began when I found myself teaching only one group twice a week. In a nutshell, I ended up enjoying a lot of other things except teaching and got extremely overwhelmed by them. I am having 6 dance classes a week and the rest of my free time is devoted to drawing and studying arts. Why shouldn’t I feel guilty for that? I definitely felt so, but gradually, with the help of different people, Anna among them, I’m coming to accepting the fact that one shouldn’t be stuck in a single sphere of their life. I’m actually doing good for my many-sided personality developing myself harmoniously by paying due attention to each of the sides. I’m sure when I compensate for neglecting my hobbies for so long I’ll come back to my teaching social media.

Wish you harmony and work-life balance.


This is phonelivebloggingparty in process

This is an example of what I’m busy with daily)


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