How to keep cool words in your active vocab?

Hi everyone!
Anticipating CAE exam I am wondering how the hell to keep all the cool words in my active vocabulary. Are you familiar with that feeling when you find some stunning and sophisticated phrases which you just love pronouncing but you know due to your vast experience that you’ll inevitably forget them not later than the same day? What an awful and hopeless and desperate feeling! I just hate it.
I would really appreciate it if you gave me a piece of advice how you manage to do it or how you heard somebody does it. I just tend to think that my mind isn’t supposed for such an activity.



2 thoughts on “How to keep cool words in your active vocab?

  1. I guess everyone does get that feeling every now and then, no matter how many words you already know. What we fail to do though, is appreciate what we already have (in other words, judging from your posts you’re doing great and I still remember the not-so-great times!) Just don’t expect an immediate boost – there’s no recipe for that. As a rule, the pace any changes take place is too slow for them to be visible, yet enough to make us freak out and lose heart. So we end up pushing beyond our limit for a couple of weeks, then giving it up (because we’re exhausted, of course, and also have other stuff to do) and eventually moaning that nothing helps 🙂 I know, I’m riding this rollercoaster all the time
    What I’d recommend is taking babysteps. Aim for one or two expressions a day, but really make them count. It’s much better than cramming dozens of words, with them inevitably landing somewhere at the back of our mind or even further away! Then use these whenever you can – at your classes, blogs, skype messages, make a song with them and annoy your neighbours 🙂 All it takes is perseverance. And patience.

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