Never underestimate CAE tasks


Isn’t it a tricky test? I would like to create tasks for this kind of exams)
But still it’s just me who made it difficult. Has it ever happened to you?

As you might know, while preparing for exams and doing a lot of practice tests you figure out which tasks are easier for you and which require the most of your concentration and attention, therefore approaching ‘easier’ tasks you subconsciously relax and lose kind of mind agility. And it’s the time when a failure comes. That’s what happened to me at the last task of CAE. I got used to considering Listening Part 4 the easiest possible task, while Part 2 always made me gather all my skills, concentration and apply multi-tasking. It actually turned out to be quite the opposite! Though I completed all the tasks, I’m really not sure about some answers. I just didn’t listen when I needed.
So, I think there is no need to describe my experience of taking the exam. Just a piece of advice: don’t lose your concentration till the end. It’s an insidious test.
But the examiners are usually really kind and positive. Entering the room, just smile and relax. Try to make it pleasant and interesting for you.
Personally, I enjoyed it a lot. And I hope (due to the result) it’ll be the next signpost in my career.

Have you ever taken CAE or FCE? What are your impressions? What advice can you give? Do you agree with mine?


How to keep cool words in your active vocab?

Hi everyone!
Anticipating CAE exam I am wondering how the hell to keep all the cool words in my active vocabulary. Are you familiar with that feeling when you find some stunning and sophisticated phrases which you just love pronouncing but you know due to your vast experience that you’ll inevitably forget them not later than the same day? What an awful and hopeless and desperate feeling! I just hate it.
I would really appreciate it if you gave me a piece of advice how you manage to do it or how you heard somebody does it. I just tend to think that my mind isn’t supposed for such an activity.