Quizicon’s 100 most common words quiz

An amazing task for FCE preparation.. Thanks a lot for sharing

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What are the most common words in English and how can this question help FCE students prepare for Open Cloze exercises?

In this simple online quiz from Quizicon you have 5 minutes to guess the 100 most common words in English. Simple, eh? And a good challenge! And, guess what, these words all happen to be articles, determiners, pronouns, auxiliary verbs, modals, prepositions, possessive adjectives, linkers, etc, ie. exactly the kinds of words students need to be aware of when completing an open cloze.

When I’ve done this with my students they’ve enjoyed the challenge and on one occasion even asked to try it again! I found it an interesting way to introduce the exam exercise and it was a good way to get the students working together – I had one student typing while the rest were calling out suggestions for him to type.

If you know any other…

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Grammar Tenses Revision Activity (Intermediate and higher)

Hi there!

I’m here to introduce you an activity I’ve recently tried on my students. Due to the task you will be able to revise main tenses such as Present Simple, Continuous and Perfect, Past Simple, Continuous and Perfect, to be going to and Present Continuous with future meaning.

The task is created in the form of cards with different actions written in different tenses.

Here is the example:


Stage 1: Ask your students to work in pairs and put the cards in the groups in the right chronological order. Then check it as a whole class. Usually students come up with something like this:


You might need to revise the rules of using the tenses, it depends on how well they’ve accomplished Stage 1.

Stage 2: Students work in pairs creating a success story about any person’s career.

Stage 3: Students tell their stories to the whole class. Then they might choose the most interesting story.

Don’t forget to give feedback to their performance.

Hope it could help you somehow.