My teaching failure


I had a lesson this Monday which made me think a lot. The previous lesson I explained a grammar topic and we did exercises and activities, but on Monday I brought a couple of tasks for revision and it turned out to be very difficult for them (though there was nothing new) and they ended up with most of answers wrong. That’s not the worst thing still. It is that I found them extremely discouraged to study.

What might have gone wrong? What should I do next?

It occured to me that you need sometimes to get used to the logic of the English grammar which is quite different from ours. The problem was that the students struggled with understanding a situation in a right way.

What do you think?


5 thoughts on “My teaching failure

  1. Hi,
    I hate grammar too. So the kids feel the same. But Egnlsih would be fun I think. I believe you just need to find some game to play with them. I am planing the tongue twisters game play with my students. Maybe you can try it. Don’t be sad. It will be better.
    Lady Macbeth

    • Hi!
      Thank you for writing. It’s nice to know that I’m not alone with that. The problem is that it’s a group of adults. Well, we do play games sometimes, but not every lesson, sometimes we need just exercises to practise more.
      Actually we did a similar task yesterday and it was fine. I even noticed correct grammar in free speaking. I think I just must be more careful with explanation and give more examples to illustrate the logic.

      Thanks again and wish you good luck with the game.

      • Hi dear,

        Thank you for reply me. I am so happy some one respond to me.

        Yes, you are not alone. I am a drama educator. I teach drama to the kids and adults. But I also a student now. Recently I am learning English now. Grammar is my weak point. I can’t remember all the rules of grammar and I hate to do it. But I watched a video on YouTube. The teacher said no need to study the grammar and burn all your grammar textbook. When I heard that point I feel realized.

        I think sometime the grammar stuff block my interest in English. He said I must listen first, the way of baby to learn the language. I think this is making sense for me. The baby never learns grammar, why should I?. Then I am starting to download the fairy story audiobook from the website and some podcast to listen it.

        All of the material is free. I listen it day by day. And I start to write a blog. Here I am. I will check the grammar in internet. I know sometimes I make a lot of grammar mistakes. By now I don’t care. I don’t want the grammar problem stop me to write. I will mistake. But the first thing I don’t afraid to make mistakes. This is my thought to the English right now.

        Hope you has a lovely day!

        your friend,


      • It’s really good to feel free to make mistakes cause they are natural while learning a language. Wish you good luck with English. I think you’re doing right.

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