Who is a CELTA trainee?

Despite of being too apprehensive about the interview I’m just taking the result for grunted. From now it looks quite easy and extremely pleasant due to Vanja, my future CELTA trainer. She was really extremely nice. But although I’m in, I had to promise my trainer to work hard on my English. I’m aware of my problems and, well, I’m trying to improve it. And waiting for January to go to Budapest. I’ve already bought tickets!

Some words about the interview.

As I said, the atmosphere was pleasant and I felt quite OK. Firstly, Vanja asked me some questions related to my essay about my English learning experience, teaching experience and my interest in the course. Then we discussed grammar questions from the application form and she asked me to paraphrase a couple of sentences so they sound better. After that we passed to the methodological part of the application and I was asked to role-play teaching beginners a language item. After a discussion we passed to another role-play where she as a teacher explained a phrase, first I was her student and then I was to analyse the explanation. Then I was given another item to teach and 2 minutes for preparation. At the end Vanja said that I’m in and described me the peculiarities of the course and finally I had some time to ask questions. That’s it. Shortly after that I received a letter with huge amount of information regarding the payment procedure, info on Budapest, how to get from the airport and who to call in case of something… And there is a pre-course task to do, though I haven’t opened it yet( Shame upon me!

But I’m working on my English aiming to pass CAE in December.


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