Follow me as I am learning teaching


The idea of the blog is sharing my experience in getting maturity as a teacher with my friends, colleagues and English teachers around the world. I hope it will be beneficial for everybody. You might find some ideas or read about something in the teaching world that I find helpful or just to laugh at me describing my struggling with teaching)

I’ve decided to start the blog being on the verge of an important event in an English teacher’s life. Actually I’m thrilled to bits waiting for Monday to come due to… ta-daaam CELTA interview. Yeah, I have recently submitted my application form and agreed with a tutor about the time. If I fail I will get under the bed and spend there some … minutes crying. Wanted to write ‘hours’ but remembered my tough timetable)

I still hope that I will enroll on the CELTA course successfully and will be able to fill you in with interesting experience.

Some background info about me. I have graduated from a teacher training university in Omsk, Russia, had a 1,5-year experience of working at schools, then followed about 2 years of working in language centres and here I am teaching General and Business English to corporate clients in Moscow. I have come to the thought of taking this CELTA course because I lack some practical lessons under control of trainers and I have some weak points as a teacher which I want to improve and develop my strengths as well.

I will be happy to see your comments, pieces of advice, stories from your teaching experience… Everybody is highly welcomed.


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